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About Us

Porch Protection Systems has been creating quality clear vinyl porch enclosures since its founding in 2009 by Bill Whaley, a businessman in Seaford, Delaware. After Bill moved into a new home, the November weather took its toll on his screened porch and contents. An online order for “porch covers” got him a set from somewhere down south, which lasted only around a year. Convinced that he could do better,┬áBill met with local marine shops to pitch his idea of designing and making clear vinyl porch enclosures from quality marine grade materials. After pulling a business card off a billboard at a local marina, he called “Jack” who liked the idea and offered to make a set of porch covers for the new house. Surprised by the interest in clear vinyl porch enclosures from his relatives and friends, the decision was made by Bill and his staff to launch Porch Protection Systems and

Now, the clear vinyl porch enclosures are shipped all over the USA and into Canada. Three fabrication shops now produce the systems, and teams of installers roam the Delmarva Peninsula, making homeowners extremely happy with their screened porches staying clean, dry, and warm – all year round.