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Porch Cover Products


The porch cover product is shipped to you pre-assembled and fairly easy to install. Once you’ve taken measurements and we’ve worked with you to ensure the proper sizes are ordered, each porch curtain is labeled A, B, C and so on. Your shipment will have an installation chart indicating where each porch curtain gets installed. Each shipping carton is also marked with the corresponding letter.

The porch cover product installs in five simple steps.

*Step 1 – with one person on each end of the rolled up curtain, hold it up to the fascia where you started your height measurement. Fasten the header track (the header track is already on the curtain panel) following the instructions with the screws and pulleys provided.

*Step 2 – Allow the curtain panel to unroll completely and check that the vertical edges and the bottom roll bar are where they should be.

*Step 3 – Install the grommet studs on the support posts where the grommet eyelets are on the curtain.

*Step 4 – Bring the cords down the back and then up the front of the curtain, through the pulleys and across and down to the post where you want the cleat.

*Step 5 – Mount the cleat about eye-level, wrap the cord around it three or four times and trim the cords.

The Installation Instructions provided with the system are more detailed, but now you have the basics. Most folks do the installation themselves, have a neighbor, relative or friend do it or (rarely) hire a handyman service.