Production Time

After a record season in 2023, we are off to another great start for 2024. With the addition of two new computerized cutting machines we've reduced the turnaround time from ten weeks to about four weeks. With two fabrication facilities operating full bore everyone is getting their systems quickly a

Spring BBQ

With Spring nearly here it's a good time to start thinking about the BBQ. If you have a screened porch you probably do some "Q-ing" when the weather is nice. Our PPS system makes it possible to enjoy cooking outdoors even if the weather isn't perfect. I find myself darting in and out of the porch to

Thank you

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a crabaholic. I love steamed crabs. I once bought a book with the title "Eat All the Crabs You Want" only to find the title was actually "Eat All the CARBS You Want". With Spring comes all kinds of weather - hot, cold and all degrees in between. That's what I lov

Stay Strong America

Whenever I find myself, my family or my country in a difficult situation I always try to think of it in the context of the revolutionary war. Imagine fighting a war from the back of a horse or on foot in the dead of winter against the most powerful military on the planet. I compare the M-16 I carrie

"End of Summer"

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "End of Summer"? For some, it means shorter days, cool or cold weather, upcoming holidays, football or clocks getting set back. For others it means the screened porch is no longer a place to relax & enjoy. We really can't do anything about the other thin

Perfect Time of Year

This is a great time of year to look into a Porch Protection System for your screened porch or patio. First, there are plenty of stormy days and nights left for the summer and the PPS system keeps your porch clean and dry. Secondly, it is good to get some hot sun on your newly installed system. The

PPS - A Must Have For Summer

Many people think The PPS System is just for Fall and Winter months. But, with the coming of Spring pollen and Summer storms, the system keeps your porch and its content clean during pollen season  and dry during a summer squall. Alot of our customers lower the panels before dusk each evening so t

4 Ways to Improve Your Patio Space

The patio space of a house can be a valuable piece of real estate if taken care of properly. By adding a few things, your porch space can transform into a relaxing addition to your home. Start by adding roll-up and down porch curtains to enjoy the patio all year long. Learn more about different ways

Top Tips to Create a Comfortable Patio Space

Many homeowners dream of having a beautiful porch space that they can use all year. Unfortunately, in the winter it is often too cold, and in the summer, it can be too hot and humid. However, thanks to the benefits of patio weather protection, it’s possible to enjoy your porch through the cold win

3 Ways To Use Your Patio All Year Long

Being able to enjoy your patio should not have to be limited to the warmer months. Many patio owners head indoors during the winter because it becomes too uncomfortable to enjoy the outdoors. Winter weather tends to turn your patio into more of a storage space than a place to sit and relax. However,

Porch Protection System vs Three-Season Room

Are you looking to expand your living space? Your patio is already a part of your home, but people often don’t use it all year long. Patios are typically used during the warmer period of the year and left to sit throughout winter. Adding a system to protect your porch helps expand your living spac

Create An Outdoor Space For All Year Round

An increasingly popular and practical trend in home remodeling is creating an outdoor living space. Some homeowners spend loads of time and cash on creating a beautiful, comfortable outdoor space, but become frustrated when they can’t use this space all year long. Without proper protection, weathe

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