3 Ways To Use Your Patio All Year Long

Being able to enjoy your patio should not have to be limited to the warmer months. Many patio owners head indoors during the winter because it becomes too uncomfortable to enjoy the outdoors. Winter weather tends to turn your patio into more of a storage space than a place to sit and relax. However, temporary enclosures for winter transform your outdoor living space to an enjoyable patio that you can use comfortably all year long. Here are three ways to use your patio all year long.


A great way to get more use out of your patio is to add some way to heat it up. If you have put up a temporary enclosure for winter, you may not need more than a cozy blanket to stay warm. Temporary enclosures for winter keep the temperature nice and warm, even when it’s snowing outside. And it never hurts to keep the space extra comfortable with a space heater for those, especially cold nights.


Temporary enclosures for winter are the best way to get the most use out of your patio. Winter brings all sorts of inclement weather. Enclosures help keep your patio protected from wildlife, snow, wind, and rain. Installing a temporary enclosure for winter also keeps the temperature inside of your patio area reasonably warm. This means being able to leave patio plants outside longer and being able to sit on your patio comfortably despite the winter weather.


Roll-up curtains help to create a private, patio space that is protected from the elements. These curtains can be easily rolled up or down depending on weather conditions. If the wind is making it uncomfortable to sit on your patio or if it’s sprinkling outside, roll-up weather curtains make your patio comfortable and usable.

Your patio is the perfect space to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t let it go unused for multiple months out of the year. At Porch Protection Systems, we offer temporary enclosures for winter with roll-up curtains to create a living space that you can enjoy all year long. Our products are made of quality materials that will last you years to come. And the marine grade vinyl we use is the perfect protection from all the elements, including wind, rain, and snow. If you are ready to get more use out of your patio, it’s time to contact Porch Protection Systems today!

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