"End of Summer"

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "End of Summer"? For some, it means shorter days, cool or cold weather, upcoming holidays, football or clocks getting set back. For others it means the screened porch is no longer a place to relax & enjoy. We really can't do anything about the other things but we have a great solution for your screened porch. No need to abandon it or use it just for storage. With the PPS System you can continue to use your porch through out the fall, winter and spring. These systems hold heat very well and keeps your porch clean, dry and warmer. Fall is a great time of year to have us come measure (Free!) and provide a quote. Not local don't stress we will provide you with step by step measuring instructions or help you right over the phone. Call 302-629-4430 or log on to porchprotection.com

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