Perfect Time of Year

This is a great time of year to look into a Porch Protection System for your screened porch or patio. First, there are plenty of stormy days and nights left for the summer and the PPS system keeps your porch clean and dry. Secondly, it is good to get some hot sun on your newly installed system. The warm temps help the new vinyl "cure" and fit perfectly on each porch section. Finally, the fall weather is just around the corner and you will love what the PPS system does for you by keeping out dirt, leaves and dust. Also, on those cool or cold days it will be nice and toasty inside your porch for enjoying your favorite beverage or meal. Remember that your system will be down and fastened for approximately the next eight months (winter!) keeping your casual area clean, dry, warmer, and useful all year.

Another advantage to order this time of year is a faster turnaround time, periodic discounts and free shipping. Call or email and we will make it happen for you!

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