Porch Protection System vs Three-Season Room

Are you looking to expand your living space? Your patio is already a part of your home, but people often don’t use it all year long. Patios are typically used during the warmer period of the year and left to sit throughout winter. Adding a system to protect your porch helps expand your living space while giving you more time to enjoy your patio, comfortably. The two most popular choices of patio weather curtain/protection include porch protection systems and three-season rooms. Here are a few differences between porch protection systems and a three-season room.


Price is an important factor when deciding between porch protection systems and a three-season room. The cost of installing a three-season room typically runs higher than that of installing a patio weather curtain/protection. In addition, a three-season room can’t be used during the full year, and you lose your screened porch. With a porch protection system, however, you keep your screened porch along with gaining protection. Installing a porch protection system costs a fraction of a three-season room and gives you use of your patio space all year round.


For most people, adding an outdoor living space means wanting to use it throughout the seasons. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or sunny, you should be able to sit comfortably on your patio. With a three-season room, you only get use out of your patio during the mild months. Once winter hits, the space quickly gets uncomfortable, forcing you to seek warmth elsewhere. With a porch protection system, you truly get comfortable use of your outdoor living space all year long. On warm days, you can raise the roll-up weather curtains to get fresh air flowing. And when temperatures drop, the protection system keeps the heat in your patio space.


One of the biggest differences between patio protection systems and three-season rooms is the engineering. Three-season rooms are additions that are enclosed with glass. There is little to no insulation or heating, so it is difficult to regulate the temperature of the space effectively. This is why the room is not appropriate for year-round use. A patio weather curtain/protection, on the other hand, is constructed out of heavy-duty polyester fabric and vinyl. The marine-grade material helps to insulate the space and regulate the temperature. Patio weather curtains enhance the beauty of your patio while protecting it from inclement weather, giving you more use of it throughout the year.

When it comes to choosing to expand your living space, Porch Protection Systems has exactly what you need. Our patio weather curtain/protection systems are made out of quality, marine-grade material in order to protect your patio while regulating the temperature. Choosing to expand your living space should mean getting to use it no matter the season. If you’re ready for true year-round patio protection, contact Porch Protection Systems today.

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