PPS - A Must Have For Summer

Many people think The PPS System is just for Fall and Winter months. But, with the coming of Spring pollen and Summer storms, the system keeps your porch and its content clean during pollen season  and dry during a summer squall.

Alot of our customers lower the panels before dusk each evening so the middle of the night storms don't get everything in the porch all wet and dirty. It only takes a few minutes to completely enclose the porch with this system. 

Lowering and fastening each panel daily also keeps the curtains from shrinking and they will always be easy to fasten and maintain their shape. Additionally, when it rains it cleans the curtain panels washing off pollen, dirt, dust, etc. Just make sure they are dry before rolling them up. 

The PPS System is designed to handle strong winds associated with summer storms. Our experience is that they will handle any wind under hurricane force. After the storm your porch will be Clean and Dry!!


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