Stay Strong America

Whenever I find myself, my family or my country in a difficult situation I always try to think of it in the context of the revolutionary war. Imagine fighting a war from the back of a horse or on foot in the dead of winter against the most powerful military on the planet. I compare the M-16 I carried as a marine to the muskat which took several minutes to load - just to get off one shot. The Minutemen would have thought the M-16 to be quite a hoot! It's all a matter of prospective. 

The "invisible enemy" virus is on the attack. Even the mighty M-16 is ineffective against it. But we are Americaans - no different in many ways than the Minutemen and their families were two and a half centuries ago. We've paid heavily for it too many times. We will prevail. Soon we will be free to work, to play, to worship, to travel, to hug. Stay Strong!

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