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Measuring Instructions

Before you begin measuring your porch, take a look around it and try to envision how many curtain panels it requires. Keep in mind that the curtain panels roll best if they are less than 100 inches in width. We can make them at most any width but wider panels can be a bit fussy to roll up neatly and expensive to ship. You can cover more than one screen section with the same curtain – just keep the width in mind.

If you have a door that is screen only and is not a storm door with interchangeable glass, you will need a matching door panel. Simply measure the screen only and add 1 1/2 inches to each of the four sides. Use the same process for any other small openings such as a ‘vent’ area often seen above the doors.

Most porches have 4 x 4 support posts. These posts actually measure about 3 5/8″ in thickness which will work fine for most applications. The PPS curtain panels should lap onto the support posts 1 1/2″ on each vertical side. This leaves approximately 5/8″ in between two adjoining curtain panels. If your posts are larger the process is still the same although you can increase the overlap if you wish.

Measuring the WIDTH:

The grommet holes generally are installed exactly 3/4″ from the edge of the curtain to the center of the grommet hole. This can be adjusted to 1/2″ if necessary – but must be noted at the time of order. For 4 x 4 and larger posts the 3/4″ placement works very well.

One simple way to take the width measurements is to measure the screen part only and then add 3″ to that measurement. This will give you a 1 1/2″ lap on each side.

Measuring the HEIGHT:

The header track that holds the curtain panel is 1 3/8″ thick and of course, extends the entire width of the curtain. To take the height measurement, start your tape about 1 1/2″ up on the fascia where you want to fasten the header track. Now measure down to where you want the bottom of the roll bar to stop when the curtain is all the way down. If there is a floor or some other material at the bottom, stop the curtain 1/4″ to 1/2″ from any obstruction.

When in production we use the OVERALL measurements of the unit. So the width will be from the left edge to the right edge and the height will be from the top of the header track to the bottom of the roll bar.