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Complement Your Design With Porch Curtain Panels

Porch protection is not just about protecting your property and creating a usable space. Looks are important too. With roll up porch curtains, you can compliment your home’s exterior.

What Are Roll Up Porch Curtains?

Roll up porch curtains are the main feature of a porch enclosure system for your home. The roll up panels cover the open spaces or “windows” on your porch. They are easy to roll up and down to allow in fresh air and regulate the temperature. Roll up porch curtains have colored polyester fabric at the top and bottom. The curtains are made of heavy duty marine grade vinyl that is easy to see through. Durable and resistant to mildew, they do not yellow.

Why Worry About Design?

Adding porch protection to your home makes it look more unified. Windows are an important design feature in any home. People eyes naturally go towards windows and what is around them.

Your roll up porch curtains basically function as a clear blind. While you can see through them, they provide a covering that protects the room from the natural elements. This gives you the advantage of seeing outside and enjoying the scenery or watching the kids play on their swing set.


What Color Should I Select?

Roll up porch curtains come in a variety of colors. Choosing the right color is important. A color similar to your home will help your home look uniform, whereas a bright color will help your porch stand out. Make sure your colors don’t clash with the rest of the house. Also think about the size and position of your home. Lighter colors make a small home look bigger. Whereas darker colors tend to provide a focal point.

One way to choose a color is to pick a complementary color that goes with your house or trim color. You can go on the website of any big box store and pull up a color wheel to find complementary colors. Find your house color, and then examine its complimentary colors on the wheel. This is a great strategy for incorporating porch protection system into your home’s design.

Are You Ready to Dress up Your Porch?

Do you want to be able to enjoy your porch all year round? Porch Protection Systems can help you get more out of your screened porch. Our custom porch curtain panels come in a variety of colors. Call us for more information at 302-629-4430, or visit our website to order your porch protection system today.