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Benefits of a Porch Protection System

Your screened-in porch is a wonderful indoor/outdoor living space. However, you likely are only able to enjoy it for part of the year when the weather is warm. But with a porch protection system, you can create a 4-season porch that you can use all year long. Here are some of the benefits of a porch protection system.

An Extra Room

A porch protection system can convert your seasonal screened-in porch into a complete extra room in your home. Now you can enjoy your porch all year. With a good porch protection system, you can still heat your porch even in the dead of winter. Porch curtain panels are easy to roll up or down to accommodate the weather and regulate the temperature.

Protects Your Furniture

Having a porch protection system allows you to put comfortable modern furniture on your porch, knowing that it is protected from the elements. Porch curtain panels will keep the rain or snow from damaging your furniture, thus prolonging its life. The panels are quick and easy to raise or lower, so you won’t have to deal with inconvenient furniture covers anymore.

Easy to Clean

Porches can be a pain to clean. Despite having a roof and screens, porches can end up covered in dirt, dust, and pollen after a windy day. A porch protection system can eliminate this problem. On a windy day or when yellow pollen season arrives, all you have to do is simply lower the curtains to keep your porch in pristine condition.

Good for Your Health

Seasonal allergies can make it impossible to go outside without suffering from headaches, itchy eyes, and sneezing. An enclosed porch can help relieve your allergies and let you enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Porch protection systems block out the wind and pollen from your home, letting you breathe more easily.


Building a sunroom or enclosing an existing porch in glass are expensive options. In addition, you will need to meet building code regulations and deal with the building inspector. Porch protection systems are the least expensive option for turning your porch into a four season room.

Porch Protection System Experts

Do you want to be able to enjoy your porch all year round? Porch Protection systems can help you get more out of your screened porch. Call us for more information at 302-629-4430, or visit our website to order your porch protection system today.