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Get the Most Out of Your Screened-in Patio During Inclement Weather

Porch Protection Systems

Everyone enjoys a screened-in patio in the summer, but they’re often forgotten in the winter. However, did you know that you can use your patio all year long? You can protect your porch from the elements with temporary enclosures for winter.

Why Enclose Your Screened-in Porch for Winter?

A screened-in porch is a great addition to your home and allows you to enjoy the weather in the comfort of your own home. Screened in porches are nicest when the weather is sunny and the temperature is mild. But what happens when the rain batters and the snow blows? Porches or patios that are only protected by screens become unusable when the weather turns bad. By installing temporary enclosures for winter, you can turn the space into a four-season porch.

How Do Porch Protection Systems Work?

Roll-up porch protection curtains are the most convenient and inexpensive way to protect your porch. Marine grade clear vinyl porch curtains are custom made to fit your screened-in porch. The panels have opaque fabric around the edges and clear panels in the middle. They allow light to enter the room yet block out cold, dreary winds. But during warm weather, the panels roll up to let in the breeze. Regulating your porch temperature is as easy as pulling on a cord.

The curtains are made of the same vinyl that is used on boats, meaning they are meant to withstand the elements. The curtains will not mildew or yellow and are easy to clean. If properly cared for, they should last a lifetime.

Reduce Heating Bills

As well as providing a new living space, your enclosed screened porch will help with winter heating bills. By creating a barrier between the main part of your home and the cold and wind, you reduce escaping heat. This saves you money on your winter heating bills.

All Year Advantages

Porch Protection Systems aren’t only useful in winter. They also have some year-round advantages. For one, they save you time on cleaning your porch. Porches and patios often end up covered in pollen, dirt and other debris after a windy day. But with a porch protection system, you can simply lower the curtains on a windy day or during pollen season. This will keep your porch clean and ready to use.

Porch enclosure systems for winter also help maintain your porch furniture and belongings. Rain and debris that blow into your porch gradually wear down the items on the porch over time. Porch protection curtains are an easy and fast way to keep your belongings covered and in good condition for many years.

Save Money With A Porch Protection System

Adding a traditional sunroom with glass windows can cost upwards of $20,000. A porch enclosure system will save you time and money. Get more out of your screened porch or patio. Contact Porch Protection Systems today.