4 Ways to Improve Your Patio Space

The patio space of a house can be a valuable piece of real estate if taken care of properly. By adding a few things, your porch space can transform into a relaxing addition to your home. Start by adding roll-up and down porch curtains to enjoy the patio all year long. Learn more about different ways to improve your patio space.

Roll-Up and Down Porch Curtains

Investing in roll-up and down curtains is a great way to improve your patio space.  Adding the curtains makes the patio usable all year long. They help regulate the temperature of the patio during the cold and hot months. The curtains also keep out inclement weather, dirt, and pollen

Stabilize the Temperature

Once you invest in roll-up and down curtains, you are ready to use your patio all year. To help regulate the temperature in the winter, you can use a space heater or open the door to the house to heat the porch.

Set the Mood with Lights

Another way to improve your patio space is to add some lighting. Lighting allows homeowners to use their patio even after the sun has set. Homeowners have several options when it comes to lighting. Overhead lights can be installed that hook up to a switch. Put the lights on a dimmer switch to better set the mood of the patio. Another option is hanging up twinkle lights. This creates a fun atmosphere perfect for relaxing nights on the patio. Lastly, purchase some outdoor lanterns with flameless candles. These lanterns can be placed on tables in the patio or on the floor to create perimeter lighting.

Comfortable Patio Furniture

Investing in comfortable patio furniture can help improve your patio space. After purchasing roll-up and down curtains, rest assured that the patio furniture will be protected from rain, snow, pollen, dirt  and anything else that would typically blow into a patio. Popular patio furniture items include tables, chairs, couches, and benches. Shop around to find a style and price that work for you.

Patios are valuable added square footage to many homes. Homeowners who are looking to improve their patio space should start by purchasing roll-up and down porch curtains. This important patio feature will protect anything inside the patio and make it a much more comfortable place to relax in. Once the curtains are installed, explore other options to improve your patio and make it an ideal place to gather with family and friends. Contact Porch Protection Systems today and learn more about installing roll-up and down curtains on your patio!

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