Top Tips to Create a Comfortable Patio Space

Many homeowners dream of having a beautiful porch space that they can use all year. Unfortunately, in the winter it is often too cold, and in the summer, it can be too hot and humid. However, thanks to the benefits of patio weather protection, it’s possible to enjoy your porch through the cold winter months and the dog days of summer. With this product, patios are protected by vinyl curtains that owners can roll up and down. The vinyl is durable marine grade and clear as glass so that views will not be obstructed. Here are some ways that patio weather protection can keep your patio comfortable year-round.

Maintain a Comfortable Porch Temperature All Year

Through patio weather protection, you can maintain a comfortable patio temperature during both the winter and summer seasons. In the winter, the vinyl curtain panels keep out harsh, cold temperatures. During the day, the sun can warm up the porch through the vinyl making it a comfortable temperature. The vinyl also keeps out the intense heat in the summer. Open the door to your house during any season and within 20-25 minutes the temperature on the porch will even out with the temperature inside the house.

Protection from Inclement Weather

There is nothing worse than coming out to your porch and finding puddles, soggy patio furniture, and overturned plants. The vinyl curtains can be rolled down during inclement weather to prevent any rain from entering your porch. Keep your patio space dry and comfortable even through the worst storms.

Patio weather protection is a huge benefit to homeowners who like to spend time out on their porch. The vinyl curtains allow residents to utilize their porch despite inclement weather. The system is easy to install and is made from marine-grade materials that are designed to last for years. Patio weather protection will transform your patio space into a comfortable spot perfect for relaxing, dining, and entertaining friends and family. Contact Porch Protection Systems today for more information and a free estimate.

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